Take your creativity to the next level

Follow the lights!

Create amazing art!

Use your smART Pixelator™ to create endless activities with smART Pixel Beads, Pixel Sequins, and Pixel Pegs. Build 2D and 3D projects. You can even make a bracelet!

Engineer 3D projects!

Build free-standing designs with snap-together smART Pixel pieces. Light guides you step-by-step. Customize it using your own colors.

And there's more...

Create your own projects and designs with our app! Super-size it using 4 trays.

  • 1

    Take a picture or download any photo from your mobile device.

  • 2

    Pixelate it on the smART Pixelator™ using Bluetooth connectivity.

  • 3

    Light technology shows you exactly where to place your Pixels.

  • "Fun & Educational""My daughter loves to draw, she also loves Minecraft, so having something that she can use to draw and create with that also help promote education I am all in for. she has a blast with this and it keeps her entertained for long periods of time, which is fantastic I love seeing her create things with it."AshMan (Amazon)
  • "Seriously COOL! ""You can make 3d art, bracelets, and other cool art. We really love this! This would make an excellent gift for any kid. "chicmama (Amazon)
  • "Really FUN & Great for Kids! ""Really brings this craft to a new level! I’ve been doing craft as a teacher for a while now and have done a lot of melty beads on the regular plastic boards in many ways but this adds a whole new dimension to what I can do with my students now! "Bentzi (Amazon)
  • "Such a FUN Toy! ""My son loves this toy and he can create images of his choice! Fun and interactive.
    Rena (Amazon)